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What to expect at your first visit?

Some people have never been to a chiropractor or have different experiences from chiropractors. This page is designed to let you know what to expect from us at Ben McGrath Chiropractic.

The format of the first consultation involves a discussion to better understand your complaint and any relevant medical details. Following this we undertake a comprehensive physical examination which consists of neurological and orthopaedic testing. 

After discussing your diagnosis with you, it is likely that we will be able to perform treatment straight away. Treatment may involve spinal and peripheral joint manipulation, strengthening/stretching exercises, mobilisation, dry needling, soft tissue work, instrument assisted soft tissue work, activator, cold laser, ergonomic and postural advice.

We may require to undertake further tests such as X-Rays or blood tests but these are obtained on a case by case basis.


For more information on our treatment, we have included details in the "Our Approach" tab.

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