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Improve Your Sleep!

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Sleep is often an overlooked part of health as people are much more focused on what they are doing during the day. The recommended amount of sleep time for an adult is 7-9 hours, roughly a third of the day. Many adults do not get enough sleep and have poor sleeping habits. Here are some tips to improve your sleep:


1. Set a regular bedtime

Having a regular bedtime helps create a habit. By setting a bedtime it prevents you from going to bed too late and gives you time to get an adequate quantity of sleep for tomorrow in.

2. Go from warm to cold

Your bedroom should be cooler than the other rooms in your house. When a room is too warm, people generally struggle to get to sleep as their covers become irritating and they get sweaty. The longer you spend trying to get to sleep is time you could have been sleeping, this strategy helps mitigate that.

3. Go to bed tired

It may be obvious, but falling asleep can be difficult if you are not tired. Having a good mix of physical and mental activities to engage with throughout the day can help with this.

4. Reduce light and noise that enters your bedroom

Light and noise pollution can affect your ability to get to sleep and can bring your body out of the deeper sleep cycles it needs. Reducing light can be done by closing blinds/curtains, sleeping with a blindfold and turning outside lights off. Reducing noise can be done by closing windows, doors and falling asleep before your partner if they snore.

5. Sleep with a good mattress and pillow

Your mattress and pillow can affect your sleeping posture and can cause issues with comfort. If you are unsure of your mattress or pillow, start a conversation with one of our practitioners.


If you have any questions about these tips, feel free to ask at your next appointment.


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