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Our Approach to Care

Many people have never been to a chiropractor or have had different experiences. This page is designed to let you know what to expect from us at Ben McGrath Chiropractic.

At Ben McGrath Chiropractic we treat in a wholistic manner as the body is the sum of its parts. Our chiropractors are constantly updating and expanding their skills to provide the best care for you.

We recognise each patient is unique and can require different aspects of care. Through experience and research some specific conditions respond to different methods which is why we use a variety of techniques.

Our techniques include Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Peripheral Joint Manipulation/Mobilisation, Applied Kinesiology, Muscular Techniques, Activator, Dry Needling, Cold Laser Technique, Thompson Drop Piece and more.

For more information on techniques, view "Our Approach" tab.

Anatomy Drawing
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