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Chiropractic or Physiotherapy?

Chiropractors and physiotherapists work with the body to ease your complaints and get you functioning more optimally.


Traditionally chiropractic has had more of a focus on spinal and peripheral joint manipulation than physiotherapy and our university studies reflect that.

Physiotherapists undergo similar training and understanding of the human body, however, not as much emphasis is placed upon joint manipulation. To us joint manipulation is an intrinsic skill in the treatment of musculo-skeletal complaints and to improve neurology.

Within the field of chiropractic and physiotherapy, many practitioners diversify their skills and the lines between the two can be blurred. Some patients prefer chiropractic care, some patients prefer physiotherapy, some prefer both. We can not make the decision for you and just ask you to choose what works for you. 


Browse the drop down menu on the "Our Approach" tab to read about the various skills we use in our treatment. 

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